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SPEEREC does all new web site development work in ASP.NET 2.0. Version 2.0 incorporated a number of new tags and functionality that allow developers to create a better web site experience for visitors. The use of the new MultiView tag and AJAX allow for displaying multiple screens without all the screen flicker you see when asking for a new web page or view of the data.


SPEEREC likes to focus on your main application, not all the small things that have to happen to make it work properly. As with most software technologies, there area number of repetitive things that consistantly need coded. We have developed an application to build maintenance code modules that integrate directly into your web site and administrator security levels and allow for routine modifications to be made to your online database.


SPEEREC's DotNetCoder allows for rapid development of maintenance modules for making updates to your database. This tool allows our developers to focus on the big picture and create you a truely well thought out web application that will keep customer's and visitor's coming back to your web site.


You can review how our DotNetCoder builds your application and test out some of the code it generates.


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